DUA is a company dealing with curated bags from Indonesia. DUA means “two” in Bahasa Indonesian; it represents two sides of the world, Indonesia and Europe.  The company is owned by an Indonesian girl who was born and raised up in Indonesia but currently works and lives in Belgium, the capital of Europe. The company brings the two worlds together, introducing the Indonesian culture in form of bags and baskets to Europe, and more so Belgium. To DUA, it more than just fashion and interior design, it’s about teaching people about the culture, promoting the local crafters and conservation of the environment.

Beautiful Indonesia bags and purses

DUA aims at broadening market for Indonesian handcrafters, showcasing their beautiful work far and beyond. It has a passion to show the world what lies in the country, introduce beautiful handwoven bags and baskets, made using natural and locally available materials. Each bag is carefully crafted with lots of love, to provide the user with a beautiful product, one that cares about the environment and the people too.

Good for the local economy and environment too

The bags are mostly hand-woven from natural biodegradable materials. With such we encourage more extra source of income for the weavers and other supporting functions. The fact that natural materials are used means that we are promoting using the abundant local natural resources which would degrade in no time eventually.
I also work together with local social entreprise who helps train weaving women to produce export quality baskets. These women are then paid according to their work, given health and financial education. Empowering local women in remote areas by rasing their standard of living financialy.

Our Bags and Baskets Collections

Our bags collections include Atta bags, Borneo bags, decor art bags, water hyacinth bags, wooden bags. Perfect gift items for yourself or your loved one. I sellected these bags by ensuring the quality and fashionality.
Our baskets collections are obtained mostly from eastern part of Indonesia called Flores region. Most design and pattern are long tradition form of heritage.This heritage was almost extinct before the interference of an Indonesian social enterprise. And now Europe and the world can also witness and purchase these beautiful three dimensional woven baskets.
These curations will keep growing and evolving following the current fashion trends both in Indonesia and Europe, so get your favourite while it’s available!
If you are looking for a handcrafted bag that takes care of the environment yet providing the beauty of cultures in Indonesia, I invite you to order online or liaise with any of the stockist whom I partner with. We are also inviting retailers to partner with us and provide customers with products which they will cherish. It is also a way to support the local economy, providing the hardworking crafters with a means of livelihood. Draw inspiration from well crafted and woven bags, promote sustainable development and help communities improve their standard of living through broadening markets for their products. Enjoy nice products as you learn and make a difference in the world.


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