Hi there, my name is Asti Sutanto, and I am thrilled to take you on an inspiring journey to discover the heart and soul of Indonesia through DUA, my Belgian-based brand. At DUA, we pride ourselves on curating handcrafted Indonesian bags and interior accessories that reflect the country’s rich heritage and natural wonders. Our focus on using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, banana bark, and rattan reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Join me as we delve into the story of DUA and how it strives to promote cultural appreciation, empower local artisans, and protect the environment.

The Intersection of Two Worlds :

DUA, which means “two” in Bahasa Indonesian, perfectly encapsulates the duality behind our brand’s essence. It symbolizes the merging of Indonesia and Europe, where I currently reside. Despite the geographical distance, my heart remains deeply connected to Indonesia’s vibrant culture and traditions. Through DUA, I aim to bridge the gap between these two worlds by showcasing the beauty of Indonesian craftsmanship to a global audience.

The Artisan’s Touch :

The heart of DUA lies in its collaboration with local artisans from Bali, Lombok, Borneo, and Java. These skilled craftsmen and women meticulously weave and create exquisite accessories from natural materials. The bags and baskets they craft tell stories of their cultural heritage and the wisdom passed down through generations. By supporting these artisans, we empower them with sustainable sources of income and provide them with the recognition they deserve.

A Commitment to Sustainability:

At DUA, we firmly believe in protecting the environment and nurturing the communities we work with. Our dedication to sustainability is evident through our preference for natural, biodegradable materials. By utilizing bamboo, banana bark, and rattan, we promote the abundant local resources of Indonesia, which would otherwise degrade over time. Additionally, we partner with local social enterprises like Du’anyam and Studio Dapur, who offer fair wages and valuable training to weaving women in remote areas. This empowerment results in a positive impact on their financial standing and overall well-being.

Preserving Heritage and Embracing Modernity :

The bags and baskets featured in DUA’s collections are more than just accessories; they are pieces of Indonesia’s cultural legacy. Many designs and patterns have been passed down through centuries, nearly lost before Indonesian social enterprises stepped in to revive them. By integrating these heritage pieces with modern elements, DUA creates a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. The evolving collections cater to current fashion trends in both Indonesia and Europe, captivating the hearts of diverse audiences.

Spreading the Beauty of Indonesia :

DUA’s mission extends beyond introducing exquisite handcrafted bags to the world. We actively seek partnerships with retailers who share our passion for promoting ethical craftsmanship. By extending our reach, we hope to broaden the market for Indonesian handcrafters, providing them with global recognition. In doing so, we offer customers an opportunity to cherish unique products that not only reflect Indonesian culture but also contribute positively to the lives of the artisans and the environment.

As you explore the world of DUA handcrafted bags, I invite you to join us on this meaningful journey. Embrace the spirit of Indonesia through our ethically curated accessories while making a difference in the lives of local artisans and the environment. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity and sustainable craftsmanship.