ShowUP Trade Show 3-4 february 2019

Hi peeps,
After too long time I finally find the will to write down my experience participating in a trade show for home and gifts, showUP in Haarlem, the Netherland.
As you all know, my natural products are more for the summer time, so winter is the best time to approach wholesellers, conceptstores, and other businesses.
It wasn’t easy to get in, but I am very excited to be able to join this lovely trade show for B2B purpose.
Yes, in this kind of trade show, you got to meet people who are interested in your products in person. You got to explain your vision and how the products are made.

And yes, these lucky visitors got to see the latest next summer collection, before the public do.


the Netherland has a lot of this kinda show, I wish that someday Belgium would have a more local B2B show (a couple of Antwerp’s store owner also agreed with me today)

Today was day one, and I already had so many interesting experience. Can’t wait for day two tomorrow.

Have a nice evening all!


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