Natural Material for Business Solution

display of natural bags and baskets

Next to retail sector, DUA also provides natural bags and interior accessories for business partners.

For almost 3 years now, DUA curates and transport Indonesian nature richness and culture to Belgium in the form of bags and interior accessories .

We believe in broadening the market for small companies and even individual weavers. These are the people who need the most exposure to the world. Unlike their bigger competitor, they cannot fullfill big chain store’s requirement like IKEA, Habitat, and others who give giant scale of order quantities per month.
These small playes weaves at the pace and tempo of their ability, putting quality on top of quantity.

a woman weaving bamboo craft

They usually have to tend to their paddy fields, take care of their children and livestocks. They work for a few hours a day, without pressure and hustle of large scale production.

The same with our business partners in Europe. These are mostlikely smaller sized concept stores, small bed and breakfast, etc. With lower MOQ (minium order quantity) , we attrack business for a more lenient and relax cooperation.

How exactly we connect with business sector in Europe?
Once or twice a year we hold a stand at a B2B trade expo.
In 2020 we stood at ShowUP in the Netherlands. We also join forces with the Indonesian Embassy and Trade Attache and stood in some of the Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe B2B trade expo in Belgium.

stand on expo

Next to it, we are discoverable at B2B online platforms such as WeWantShoes and Mercavus.

And last but not least, we make 2 instagram accounts : @duabags for retails and announcement, open for public. and @dua_crafts a private instagram account in addition to our online catalog.


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