Handmade Indonesian Home Accessories

natural material handmade for in your house

DUA curates products form multiple artisans and two social enterprises in several islands. We strive for good design, quality material at affordable prices to support Indonesian small communities of weavers / artisans. The home and living curation is mostly handmade out of natural fibers such as bamboo, palmyra, rattan, and water hyacinth. Some of black and white accents are synthetic fibers, you would find some details in the product description. Handmade means slight variation in sizes, shapes, and colors. Warm natural color fits for a lot of interior style. Whether you flaunt bohemian style, Scandinavian style, and even industrial rustic style. A little story of Studio Dapur and Du’anyam, the two official social enterprises in Indonesia. Studio Dapur is a design-based social enterprise collaborating ethically with bamboo artisans in a small village of West Java, Indonesia. These artisans’ tens of years of experience delivers the best sustainable ethical artisanal bamboo crafts. Studio Dapur strives to raise daily income of these artisans than what they usually get paid by other vendor. Fully laminated bamboo are made from layers of thin bamboo stripes pressed into a piece of board. This board is then sanded and finished manually. It needs longer processing time, but our best artisans are crafting it very well. Du’anyam is a social enterprise who strives for women empowerment, cultural promotion, and health and welfare improvement. They started in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, which I got the priviledge to visit myself. After some years they expand to Borneo and also Papua. Through everyone’s hard work, Duanyam has managed to increase the women’s income by 40% in 2019, thus improving their welfare. Some scholarships for 50 students were also handed out to the children and granschildren of the accomplished wicker-crafting women.
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