Rise in Popularity of Artisan Products Like the Bali Rattan Bag

rattan bags from Bali

Artisanal products like local handicrafts or the Bali rattan bag that you bring back home as souvenirs during your trip are no longer viewed as mere ornaments of tourism. There is a growing demand for these products in the market that they are actually driving up the local economies where these products are made. The term “artisanal” might have been hyped as of late but the shift towards the growth of artisanal supply chains is more than just a fad.

stylish Bali rattan bagsWhy is there a rise in popularity for artisanal products?

What does artisanal mean? In order to understand why this has gotten so popular in the global market, it is important to define what these products entail.

A loose definition of artisanal product is anything that is produced by hand, and often with the use of locally sourced ingredients or materials. It can be a textile, or accessory like the famed Bali rattan bag. Some proponents would like to take it to another level by incorporating a generational element into the production process. For example, the handicraft is tied to a particular cultural heritage, enabling that cultural essence to be handed down to the next generation.

The global impact of artisanal handicrafts is significant. In Indonesia, Dua works with local crafts people in order to provide livelihood. In fact, this industry is known among the top employers in developing nations such as Indonesia, according to Global Women’s Artisans.

Supporting local and artisanal products can deliver two-fold benefits. First, it helps in promoting and preserving the local culture and the sustainability of these communities. For cultures that are at risk of erasure, this is extremely valuable. It also gives the local members of the community extreme pride in the goods that they produce. At the same time, it aids in the growth of local economies.

Bali rattan bags selling like hot pancakes

The global handicraft market is predicted to continue its growth in the next decade or so. This is a good sign especially seeing the benefits it has brought to the local communities, particularly in terms of providing livelihood to the local craftspeople.

The Bali rattan bag is one item in particular that has reached global success. This can be attributed to the popularity of the item on social media that highlight these stylish accessories from Bali. These popular bags are undoubtedly the must-have bag for every woman, especially those with an eye for style.

What’s so great about this bag anyway? Here are a few reasons to get one.

  • It is compact and practical. It is shaped and sized like a crossbody bag, which makes it easy to wear as a day bag. It lets you explore hands-free while keeping your valuables easily accessible.
  • It is very stylish. This bag is the ideal accessory to go with your summer outfit.
  • It is durable. The rattan material is known to be extremely durable so it will last a long time.
  • It is ethically made. You are also supporting the local communities whose livelihood depends on these handicrafts.
  • It is unique in style. Why go for the mass-produced bags when you can get one in unique shapes and sizes?

Indonesian bags

Whether you have a sense for unique style or want to support local handicrafts, getting yourself one of these rattan bags is well worth the investment.

Bali Rattan Bags are one of the most trending fashion accessories that have gained immense popularity globally. These bags, made from natural and eco-friendly materials, add a touch of elegance to any outfit and are perfect for any occasion. However, capturing their beauty in photos or videos can be a challenge.

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