Round Atta Bali Bag Original Ronde Rieten Tas 15cm, 20 cm and 25 cm


Round Atta / Ata / Rattan Bali Bag 20 cm and 25 cm

The solid handwoven out of rattan Atta grass round hand bag was originally made as ashtray in Karangasem region, Bali.

Raw  material grows abundantly in Lombok.

Through some creative minds, it is modified into several beautiful bag creations.

This round atta bag can give your outfit extra breath of boho and chic style.

This particular bag can comes with batik lining or other print, pattern can vary depend on availability, and also with real leather strap.

The leather strap is in total about 150 cm, so that the bag hangs about 70 cm off your shoulder.

The lovely ribbon loop adds cherry on top.

Natural bags may leave marks and scratches on sensitive clothing fabric.


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